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The NJ Transit system always turns into an interesting experience.

Most nights is a wagon for drunk kids who are trying to be alcohol heroes and need a ride home.

During the day is carries a bunch of drones to and from work, faceless people who keep to themselves and don’t want to be bothered.

What many tend to over look are the crazies. Now, drunken brawls happen way too often and they really aren’t that exciting, but what does get me going are the people that not only pass out with their headphones in, but snore loud enough you can hear your own music.

Another phenom I can’t pass by are the people who manage a complete outfit change stuffed in their little seat with generally no one to cover them up and the person next to them looking at them like they have 10 heads.

I always really enjoy too the people that stand up way too quickly, ready to hop off at their stop and then fall over and act surprised that the train stops, launching them forward.

Maybe this is just me; but concentrating on all that is going on around me makes a single train journey much more exciting than being exhausted and trying to read.