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I am really not a fan of the winter; but what I am a fan of is the first application of a winter coat and whatever leftovers are hiding in the pockets from the previous year. 

Cash, obviously, is the clear winner of any pocket discovery; but I tend to find all kinds of crazy “lost” things hiding in the pockets of various jackets and coats. In blazer pockets alone I have found keys, forgotten chapsticks, gift cards, business cards, earrings and candy – and these are tiny pockets! 

Winter coats are definitely my favorite outlet for discoveries though. Not only do winter coats have deep pockets, they tend to have inside pockets and hidden pockets – leading to many places for trinkets and lost items. Also, as an accessory obsessed individual, I have many different winter coats which only gives me more available pockets for unearthing belongings. 

My Northface jackets are also an epic location for findings. Not only do these pockets zipper, they are massive. Every fall when they get placed over my shoulders I find a mother load of various objects. My iPod and car phone charger are among the most lost objects I own, generally turning up in the pocket of a Northface. 

Jeans prove to be a mighty source for lost objects as well, albeit small ones. Washing jeans to me is like a sacrilege, it is only appropriate to do unless an extreme need for laundering arises. This makes the pockets of jeans a gold mine for change, random single dollar bills, movie ticket stubs and notes I write to myself. 

Which you should try, because it is slightly exhilarating to find a 2 month old note reading: “you’re awesome!