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I had a really awful 2011. Definitely the worst year of my life.

2012 was actually fantastic; no hiccups, no traumas…just typical 25 year old living. 

It is now 2013 and I made no resolutions this year (accept my little pledge about my blog re-organization). I did not pledge to lose weight or exercise more. I did not promise myself I would drink less or eat healthier. I am giving up on starting new. I want to focus on new starts. 

My friend Caite (check out her chocolate lab!) always says that even though ridiculous things happen, it’s always about the story – and this is absolutely true. We always end up with a story. And I like that. I like the little things that happen in life. I like my car concerts and being tagged in an Instagram picture. I like the big blue eyes that have been staring back at me lately. 

The little things make up the big whole “thing”. Home made presents and 1 ½ year olds saying “na-night” when you leave them. It is always a good story. 

New starts to me don’t mean starting over. It means new experiences and new adventures. New people, new stories. Get out of your comfort zone. Take something habitual, and change it – learn a new way to chop vegetables or take a different route when you go on your nightly walk. 

Stop and smell the damn flowers.