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I only make a bet or push my point home when I know I can win or I know that I am right. 

The most recent bet was placed on New Year’s Eve (only one drink deep, so it is a serious bet) on the train ride into the city – New York, that is.

New Jersey Transit did not provide us with an express train in to the city, making for a decently lengthy train ride. This resulted in a battle of Zynga word games; Words with Friends and Scramble, specifically. Blue Eyes spanks me in WWF and I am quite good at Scramble, beating him soundly thus far in our career as competitors. 

He told me that he would beat me in Scramble prior to me winning a WWF game – and so the bet ensued. I strategically made my wager and he still has yet to come up with his, making this a serious fight to the death. My win will hit him hard where it hurts – a night of my choosing where he has to drink fruity pink drinks all night and not admit his defeat to his friends, pretending that he couldn’t be happier with whatever horrendous, pink vodka concoctions are fed to him. 

Bets with creative wagers are always fascinating to me. One of my favorite TV bets is the “Slap Bet” on How I Met Your Mother. Not only is this show one of my all-time faves; the Slap Bet is hilarity on its own account and pops up from time to time.

Cashing in on fantastic bets is even more rewarding then winning the bet itself; and not in an evil or conniving way, just a personal satisfaction that no one in this world can say they don’t want to experience.