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Today marks my 150th WordPress post! Exactly half way to my goal of 300! 🙂

This is very exciting for me. This online world has kept me grounded when I have been floating away and kept me sane when all I wanted to do was scream.

I don’t know why I settled on 300 posts, it just sounded like a good, solid number that was (extremely) far away but also possible. Almost a full year of writing and posting on weekdays – minus holidays – taking the Post A Day challenge and running with it.

Now why, do you ask? Why does this blog keep me sane? Honestly, as I have said before, I just have a lot to say. I don’t really like to hear myself talk, and I know half of what I say falls to deaf ears; so I feel like writing it down gives it a much longer shelf life. And talking to a world of people that I have never met in person makes discussing things very easy.

While I sit curled up in a ball right now with my (new – thanks mom and dad!) laptop and comfy sweats, I can only think to myself how fantastic the little things in life really are.