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Award winning makes any blogging girl smile – so here we go!

The Rules are as follows:

Display the award certificate on your website


Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award

Here is my post – this is nothing glamorous, I know; but I want to be sure that I get my point across very clearly. Kim, Tranquil Dreams, has a super fun blog. Recently, she has been posting Christmas baking recipes and I have been printing them all out hoping that I won’t gain 100 pounds.

Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

  1. Momentum of Joy
  2. The Jiggly Bits
  3. A Blackjack of All Trades
  4. candycoatedreality
  5. Stories over a cup of tea.
  6. figsandtwigs
  7. random olio
  8. Gen Y Girl
  9. Tea with a Pirate
  10. a physical perspective
  11. The Wanderlust Gene
  12. The Better Man Project
  13. My Meandering Trail
  14. Haboosma
  15. Splendiferous Everything

Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off

I am working on this one as we talk 🙂

Post 7 interesting facts about yourself

  1. I work in social media; I dream about getting paid to write blogs / op ed pieces. I have a lot to say and a big attitude and personality to back that up.
  2. I am kind of obsessed with Prime Time TV – Robin and Barney…anyone?
  3. The sunshine makes me a very happy girl.
  4. The winter makes me a very unhappy girl.
  5. I am a coffee addict.
  6. Jack Daniels will always make me smile.
  7. I prefer mud puddles and flip flops to perfume and high heels.