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As I am not a frequent blogger, and have over 130 posts, I am noticing that I tend to forget what I have written about in the past. This is a conundrum! I try my best to always have fresh ideas and ramblings, sticking to what I know best: my surroundings and my psychosis.

 What I do need to figure out is how to categorize my posts into some sort of searchable database where I can literally search a topic and a date and go back to my blog and see what I wrote about. I know WordPress let’s you search by categories, but when I started this blog, I didn’t understand the categories or tags.

 There is option number 1: go back through each and every post (mostly old ones) and re-categories and re-tag them. Then, make up my own personal user guide of how things are categorized and tagged.

 This seems like a lot of work.

 Option number 2 is to create an Excel database with PivotTables (corporate America, anyone??) and make a user-friendly worksheet that I can search and maintain easily.

 This also seems like a lot of work.

 So I pose a few questions for the blogging world:

  1. How do you organize your posts?
  2. Do I really need to do this; or are posts on multiple topics, differing for how I feel that day, really a bad thing?