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I have been really busy. I know a lot of people say that; but really, I am.

 I heard not too long ago the people in their twenties say they are busy all the time and the reality is, they aren’t. But let’s face it: we are busy! Between work and bills and sleeping, there is a social life, sometimes classes and the various other things we do to occupy our time (I would say the gym, but I’ve been too busy for that too). 

I can’t quite pinpoint what I have been so busy with; there are too many things. I say too often during the week, “I don’t have time for this.” My head is running a million miles a minute and I have to write everything down just to hold on to a thought.

 What do I pack for Christmas in Florida? Did I get everyone Christmas presents? Did I post the photos that I was meaning to? Did I call about my car? Say thank you for my birthday presents? Are my library books overdue? Am I wearing underwear?!

 Siri helps, she really does. Holding down the home button and giving her a crazy run on sentence about calendar appointments and grocery lists and writing out e-mails is genuinely a massive help. But why am I so busy?

 I have not the slightest clue. I work one job, 9 to 5. I don’t have my own home yet. I don’t have a dog or a child to take care of (yes, dog comes before child right now). I go out, I eat good food and I exercise…sometimes.

 When the weekend comes I just want to turn my brain off; not think about the real world for a few days. Not talk on the phone or answer e-mails. I don’t want to think about engagement or metrics: I just want to be.

 So maybe the busy stems from my cube life. Maybe is stems from the fact that I try to keep myself busy. What I do know is this: without coffee, none of this would be possible.