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Being one of the only girls in my group in the office, I have become the go-to gifting consultant for wives and girlfriends. This Christmas has been quite the imagination stretch for me; coming up with some fantastic mommy and girlfriend present ideas.

 I like to start with a consultation: What is she like? What have you gotten her in the past? What has she hinted at? What does she already own that she really likes or uses often?

 The answers usually come from the questions. Matching jewelry for something she already owns. A cute new wallet to go with the bag you got for her last birthday. But I always tell the guys: the really meaningful gifts come from something you don’t need to necessarily spend money on; they come from something you can make.

 The best ideas I came up with this year (for a mom) was a pre-loaded digital picture frame. Not only are they a great idea for memory keeping, but what better gift then one that is already up and running! Remember ten years ago when dad would wrap your cell phone for your birthday and then call it as you were about to open it? Classic. I also suggested the tried and true memory jar. One very standard, clear mason jar. One package of brightly colored paper. Your brain and a pen. Write as many memories as you can; date those you remember. Fill the jar. Keep the paper and let her know you plan to add more memories as time goes on.

 Say it with me folks: awwwww.

 I know that by forcing these guys to do a little thinking they came up with even more great ideas then just what I offered. Our boyfriends can do it; they really do listen. They do care, and by asking someone to help them just shows that they care even more. They want their ladies to have the perfect present. And I think we are pretty lucky to have them.