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I love when my computer at work gets “fixed”. Now, I am no technology wizard; but I do know that when one thing gets fixed, another should not go wrong. This seems to be the norm for computer “band-aids” in the office.

I always hesitate to ask for something to get fixed because of this. Is it easier to just put up with whatever is going on, or do I take a chance and get it fixed, only to have something else go wrong that I will probably not discover for a few hours or days?

I have taken to my Instagram (alas, also JackieEatWorld) to post some of the “funnier” of the issues I encounter. I do believe my favorite so far is the “fatal error” Microsoft Office pop-up. This stems from something that I cannot even fathom…it usually happens as I am trying to save whatever document I am working on. So call IT and the answer is generally along these lines: “well, if the document is large; you may not be able to save it.”

 Sorry IT, that is an unacceptable answer.

I know this is not only me, because I also get a kick out of listening to other people talking to the IT department about files vanishing (need to get approvals to get these back, which takes a few days), Outlook freezing and general ridiculous issues that should be easy fixes that turn into three day nightmares.

It must be quite taxing to manage over 3,000 computers (not sarcastic in this instance!) and keep everything and everyone in perfect working order…the world is not perfect. I really do just want to be able to undock my computer and take it to a meeting and be able to use it functionally. I don’t think this is asking a lot.