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We speak funny, I get it. I also love it and would never trade it. It is a little piece of home that will stay with us Jerz kids forever (hopefully) and keep the mid-westerners guessing at what we’re getting’ at. Jeet yet? No, jew? Exactly.

 What bad habits am I aware of? Let’s see:

  1.  Wauder. Not water. Try saying this out loud; it’s kind of fun.
  2. A “sub” is a food.
  3. AC – Atlantic City. Not air conditioning.
  4. We have a tendency to speak quickly and slur our words together. We understand each other and we don’t have time for 1645312 syllables.
  5. We respond before you’re finished speaking. Again, no time…just get on with it.
  6. If you’re creepin’ it’s not good.
  7. If you’re busted, also not good.
  8. If you’re going to karma, it’s not good-girl heaven…believe me.
  9. P-funks. Google it.

 Being from New Jersey is a great accomplishment in life. I would never want to be anywhere else. My bad habits aside, living in East Coast time makes me whole and happy, and I watch my language when I need to.

 I would like to make a serious call-out to this list that I have seen many, many times in my lifetime and will also forever remain true: You Know You’re From Jersey When…