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There comes a time in every person’s life that they can proclaim: “I have found my calling!”

Well…I have found mine.

Cheese sauces.

Let’s discuss – start with a roux, pat of butter and a table-spoon of flour. Some milk and cook it until it’s thick-ish. Cheese. What a beautiful and wonderful thing cheese is. Cheddar cheese sauce on mac & cheese. Smoked gouda sauce on mushroom/barley burgers. Garlic and paprika. Fresh herbs, if you have them…basil is definitely my first choice.

Cheese sauces is something that I randomly have excelled in. I will find a way to add cheese sauce into Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other fancy holiday feast. Casseroles? Cheese it up! Vegetables? A salty parmesan touch will finish any bland vegetable side.

Boring plates? Swipe a cheese sauce across the plates before setting down sautéed chicken. With a colorful sauce you can plop a dollop on meatloaf to brighten up the meat.

An easy and impressive finishing touch to any home made meal. And tasty!

Home-made mac & cheese