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 Something I will never understand is decaf coffee and espresso. At work, we are blessed to have break rooms with coffee makers and espresso machines and a wide variety of flavors and intensity levels to choose from.

Regular vs. French Vanilla. Decaf vs. Normal.

I (sadly) cannot survive without coffee. I have tried a few times, only to become jittery – in a bad way – and migrainey. Not a fun time. As I happily fill up my cup five times a day, I can’t help to notice the amount of decaf coffee being brewed around me.

If you have the balls to ask someone why they are drinking decaf; which, unfortunately, I do, the response is generally the same: regular keeps me up all day.

Anomaly. Contradictory. Incongruous. Paradoxical.

Don’t drink regular coffee so you don’t stay awake. Drink decaf coffee so you can sleep. This phenomenon is astounding to me.

Now, espresso is a tricky little beverage. One shot of pure goodness and you can literally shake the tired off of you. Ordering a latte with four shots is a promise of an awake afternoon. Focused, resilient, productive. What does decaf do then? Kind of paying attention, little off the radar, semi-prolific?

And maybe I am just so focused on my hate for decaf then I can’t see the positives to it. Or maybe I’m just right.