I have a tendency to give impromptu reactions to things. I do this mostly on purpose, for pure entertainment value. Some people get completely taken aback and put-off by these types of responses; but when you get a really bored and aggravated customer service representative on the phone, they usually appreciate random (but polite) behavior and are much more helpful.

 What are some of my unpremeditated reactions, you may ask? 

  1. What is your name? Jackie. That is J as in Jupiter, A as in astronomer, C as in calculations, K as in klepto, I as in indigo and E as in Ecuador.
  2. How are you today? Quite well, actually. My new hand lotion is making my hands purely enjoyable to look at. And yourself?
  3. Can I take your order? Yes, please. I would enjoy an extra side of sour cream with that. Along side of extra cheese, very well done on top of your nachos.
  4. How was the movie? Implausible. A textbook riposte to the vacant heart. You saw Pirates of the Caribbean… Oh yeah, it was good. 
  5. What issues are you experiencing with your phone/cable service? Issues with my phone service? I’m calling about the baboon outside of my window!

 Try it – be spontaneous. You have no reason not to try to cheer up someone else’s day – or purely freak them out; and if you operate this way towards someone you know, you will see a real and true reaction and I bet many times you will lighten the mood.