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Pudding from a box is one of the most fantastic creations of our time. One box of powder, a cup or so of milk and a whisk. Instant – they really aren’t kidding. It starts to set up before you can even transport it into the pudding cups. Creamy and flavorful – what’s better than instant pudding for a quick and actually kind of not-bad-for-you snack?

 My mom will argue about pudding until she is blue in the face. She is a result of the baby boom, and appreciates home-made, family style cooking. One of her favorites is pudding. Home-made pudding gets a skin; a skin that makes me gag, but an aspect of this simple dessert that she adores.

 As a kid of Generation Y; I am not very familiar with pudding skin. I have had a few regretful encounters – all of which have made my skin crawl (no pun intended). There have been the mishaps of stirring the pudding skin into the perfect concoction that has been preserves and saved by the skin – making little hunks of skin throughout the dessert. There has also been a few notable occasions of having to peel it off myself and not be able to eat more than a few spoonfuls because the thought of the pudding skin is odious to me.

Needless to say, I prefer my pudding skin-less; the kind from box that takes five minutes to prepare and still fills my heart with puddingy goodness. A light and desirable dessert without many calories, and almost always with a sugar free option.