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Okay, I take back my sarcastic tweet from this morning. It’s snowing. Big, fat, wet flakes. All over the grass and all over the cars.

When I was little I used to get giddy with the thought that there might be snow on my birthday, and I was typically disappointed. Nowadays, I dream of the hot sun and a cool ocean for my birthday – but we can’t win ’em all.

A December birthday in the North East is like a mean joke – it’s cold, usually not snowing and you have to wear a damn jacket to the bar. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

What is this really all about? I turn 26 next week. 26!!!! I am no longer in my “early twenties” and not even in my “mid-twenties”.


I am going to let this moment of panic reside and watch it snow from the warmth comfort of the printer bay.

And also; for the record…I recieved two text message photos of the snow sticking. FML.