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Driving to and from college was a tedious route. One highway all the way down and all the way back gets old fast. And I really start to lose focus after 2 1/2 to 3 hours of pedal to the medal.

At 19, I would sing and dance in the car. I would eat snacks and take my sunglasses on and off about 50 times. There is traffic. But how do you get the time to pass?

Easy peasy.


Splitting up the drive by landmarks is an easy way to help pass the time. From Jersey to Maryland is a straight shot up and down 95**. I had this drive cut into 5 parts. Between toll plazas, Our Lady of the Highway and various state lines; the trip was really not so bad.

I still practice this method today with any familiar road trip I am taking. Sometimes I ask others what their favorite road mark is. (South of the Border wins for Florida – see my very own Instagrammed photo below!) Many drives take your mind wandering to various and meaningless thoughts, silence living in a car full of closely related beings.

Instagrammed South of the Border sign

Car trips can be fun and tedious. But in Randy Jackson’s own words “making it your own, dog” will always help to create your own personal adventure.

Party on Wayne.

**Author’s note: in Jersey we refer to highways just by their numbers. For those out-of-staters I am simply referring to “U.S. Route 95” or “I-95” or “Interstate 95”.