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I think a lot about things we Generation Y “kids” complain about. In reality, I think we are lucky to be able to complain about such things. I recently wrote an entire blog post about how it is taking six weeks to get the iPhone 5 I ordered.

So what, do you ask, are the things we take for granted and whine about?

  1. Our phones…3G, 4G – does it really matter? The internet lives at our finger tips (literally) and it is like the world is crashing down when it is going slow.
  2. The internet. Another thorn in our sides. It’s slow, it’s down, you don’t get the exact results you were look for Google to spit out to you.
  3. Cars. We may not drive the most extravagant SUVs, but they do get us from point A to point B…most of the time.
  4. The refrigerator and food pantry. “There is nothing to eat and I AM STARVING” is common word vomit. The fridge and pantry are generally stocked full of good to eat things, many times they just need to be prepared (or are too healthy). Easy Mac is seriously annoying though. Take out, it is.
  5. Heat and air conditioning. It is always hot in the winter and cold in the summer in the house. Go figure…
  6. Sporting events. Tailgating takes a lot of preparation, and the tickets are so expensive. And after all of that, baseball games stop serving beer after the 7th inning and football games cut you off at half time!
  7. Beers on tap. 50% of the time they are either flat, warm or skunked. I sometimes can’t believe that a perfectly poured beer is not coming from that tap. Hopefully it has been cleaned.
  8. Coffee. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks coffee is SO HOT. One of my life rules to live by: you need to wait at least 20 minutes before even attempting to enjoy that $5 latte.
  9. Shoe stores. Overwhelming.
  10. Our jobs. Don’t even pretend you have not complained about this one. Everyone can find something that irks them.
  11. Sushi. Obviously never get sushi on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Still left-over from the weekend. Yuck.
  12. DVR. It fills up so quickly! Spending an entire day lying around the house and cleaning it up is a lot of work! Also, why does it mysteriously record and delete things?
  13. Manicures & pedicures. Every girl has had a bad one. And they chip wayyy to fast.

We are not ungrateful. I enjoy my overflowing closet just as much as anyone else. The next time an aggravating thought creeps in to your head, think about it. And maybe take it back.

Dry chicken can always be smothered in barbecue sauce.