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I am curious by nature. I think this is overwhelming to new people in my life sometimes, as I tend to also be forward. I ask tons of questions, and after the first ten I give the option for my new company to not have to answer – at which point they are already quite sucked in willing to keep going.

 I will ask questions about anything: Where did you go to school? What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? How do you take your coffee? Does that Kit-Kat commercials really make you just totally crave a Kit-Kat?

 This might be awkward to some people; but I kind of really enjoy creating awkward situations. Entertainment mostly I suppose, but really – don’t you want to know about the person sharing a cubicle wall with you? I like to know how to fill the silence if there happens to be a conversation six months down the road that I am not able to fill with another question. I like to recall pieces of conversations and be able to remind the person, “oh hey! We talked about that!” Awkward beginnings, solid endings.

 Maybe I should be a news interviewer; because I really do like to listen all about their answers and the random tangents this new human may go on. I like to hear their stories and why they are where they are. I like to find a little bit of their response and find a follow-up question.

 I learn a lot, probing…but more importantly, listening. I am a strong believer that the world would be a better place if everyone got a little personal and not only spoke, but inquired and digested what they should hear. There are stupid questions that can be asked, and sure…there are stupid answers. But I just don’t think enough of them are being asked.