Today I feel a strong need to equate rush hour drivers to drunk drivers. I don’t know what it is about rush hour; but seriously everyone is always in such a rush. This week I have seen three different accidents alone. I can’t understand why this happens.

 Comparison time: Drunk vs. Tardy

  1.  Swerving. This consists of not being able to see the lines clearly on the road vs. swerving to the side of the line of traffic to see what the hold up is.
  2. Stopping short. Not realizing the person in front of you stopped vs. being so incredibly angry that slamming on your breaks and almost hitting the person in front of you to urge them to understand that they need to plow down the line of cars in front of them so you can get to where you are going.
  3. Running a red light. Not realizing it at all vs. daring the light camera to take a picture of you because you are obviously above the law and safety of others around you. You really are more important than your driving peers.
  4. Screaming at Google maps. Simply lost getting home vs. being angry at technology for you running late and them not giving you the magical route where no traffic exists.
  5. Horn honking. Funny vs. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?????

 I am essentially calling out bad rush hour drivers as frightening and dangerous. And if I could offer a little tip to each and every person driving during rush hour: leave earlier. And you really just aren’t that important.