Being an adult is expensive.

Let me say that again – being an adult is expensive. There comes a point in every young adult’s life when mom & dad hand you a nice, neat pile of bills and bid you good luck. What do we as Generation Y-ers really have to complain about though? I would bet that many of our cars were gifts (or just expected) and we most likely still live at home…with groceries and laundry and a rent free place to crash (cable included).

Now while I do have all of the above – there are many things that I am responsible for. It is imperative that I have an iPhone ($10 a month for the extra line on the family plan…thanks dad for the cheap phone line, and the highest data plan available) with multiple cases and a car charger and an iHome and a Bose dock. I need to have the high-def cable box in my room with the DVR capabilities (again, I am gifted with paying only for the little surcharge of the extra box). Oh, and I guess my car insurance is kind of important too.

What really got me this week was my car repairs. I drive a 13-year-old Jeep Cherokee Classic named Penelope. Me and that old broad have been through a lot in our six years together, and I am emotionally attached to her. Sure she gives me warning signs that I ignore, and I am sure she would love to have her oil changed every 3,000 miles (kind of like the monthly dog bath, right??) but the greatest thing about Penny is that she is a trooper.

This week that little soldier cost me $500 to get a face lift. I asked the mechanic if she would stay strong for another year or so – to which I got my all time favorite car reaction (which I tend to get quite often). He shrugged, looked me right in the eye and said, “It’s a Jeep. As long as you take care of it, it will run forever.” To which I knocked on wood, like I do every time I hear this…and I am doing right now again repeating it.

Penelope is a steady in my life; a crutch kind of. She knows when to get the flu or surgery, prompting me to find rides to places that I need to be. She knows that when it comes time for inspection she coughs out the bad stuff and slaps on a big smile. As an adult I will go to great lengths to care for that girl, never toss her aside for a fake promise. She gets me, even if she makes me a little bit poor.