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Dear Winter:

I am not quite ready for Gingerbread Lattes. Or this random bout of snow that is currently covering the grass. I don’t want jacket weather to take over my days yet.

My skin is already getting itchy; regardless of how much lotion I put on – but I am still not ready to switch to my winter lotion. I am not ready to break out winter scents.

My new wardrobe is coming together nicely; but I should not be forced to wear it yet. Boots are on my feet and sweaters are on my back. My hair got a little static-y yesterday.

I have not prepared my taste buds for stouts yet; and not completely ready for winter vegetables or carb and cream heavy meals.

Winter, I beg you: please take it easy on us; at least for right now. This is a trying time, and blizzards and dry weather are not fully welcome yet.

Sincerely yours,