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Thanksgiving Eve is like a right of passage. It is the one night of the year that you can get totally obliterated and make a fool out of yourself and no one can say anything about it. Which, okay I mean we all do that anyway; but at least this is one of the acceptable days.

No one has work the next day, and although I have managed to be sick to my stomach on more than one Thanksgiving from a world-class hangover; I still know that aside from stuffing myself full of home cooked food there are really no other obligations in my life. Except for going out that night…

Anyway, Thanksgiving Eve is like a high-school reunion; which in a town like I live in is every Friday night, but it is again still an obligatory evening out for reunion fun! And I am quite sure that everyone reading this post has their annual hang.

Ours in Rhythms of the Night. I have only been to this…night-club, if you will, on very serious occasions (one aside from Thanksgiving Eve to see a comedian whom I graduated high school with, so still a reunion – but it was a funny night! Check him out here, I got permission to link: Adam Mamawala.) but I cannot imagine a Thanksgiving Eve without Rhythms and the impending foolishness of people I have known forever.

Now, this year I am even more excited about attending the annual Thanksgiving black-out because some very dear friends of mine are playing a show (I am speaking in Jersey-tongue, and “show” means that they are in a band – and a good one! – and are performing at said night-club on the afforementioned evening). The Small Town Scoundrels (also have permission to link) will bring a fun twist to this Thanksgiving Eve, although there never seems to be a dull moment in Rhythms…but this could just be the Jack speaking…or remembering? And oh yeah, probably more people that I know from years past; making the high school reunion spread out over a wider range of years.

While I give Thanksgiving Eve the old college try, and aim to appreciate Thanksgiving this year (i.e. not be hungover and enjoy my meal…and company), I remind and encourage everyone to drink responsibly and have fun!