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I wish I had more to say right now, but I really just don’t. Be thankful for everything that you have; your home, your family and everything that you have ever known.

Appreciate the people in your lives and don’t take for granted anything that you have.

We are from New Jersey and New York and we have tons of resilence. We may need to rebuild our homes and our shore towns; but nothing has ever stopped us before and we will not stop now.

I have been obsessively flipping through my “historic” Jersey shore photos this week, so happy that I was able to take full advantage of Asbury Park, Seaside, Belmar and Point Pleasant.

There are still many without power and food and clean clothes…and homes. If you can today, take some time and ready the New York Post and think about helping out: The American Red Cross.

This is far from over, but we will Keep Calm and Stay Jersey Strong.

this is the rollercoaster that is currently in the atlantic.