As Frankenstorm rapidly approaches us, I felt the need to resurface an old post of mine about hurrican survival. We are in a state of emergency as of tomorrow, so I am sure all of the grocery store will be completely sold out of water, toilet paper, milk and bread.
Happy Hurricaning!


The proper way to survive a hurricane contains very few steps:

Step 1: Luck. The power didn’t go out in the house, nor did we incur any flooding. This was all very fortunate for us as Hillsborough increasingly became an island as Hurricane Irene tore through Jersey

Step 2: Charged cell phone. Now, this was not difficult for me as I had power during the whole debacle, but those who were not fortunate enough to have power had only one connection to the outside world…smart phones. Many people had their Internet and cable knocked out, so the cell phone really did keep them connected with the rest of the world.

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