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I started a conversation with my boyfriend yesterday with the statement: “Do you want to get scared until you pee your pants?”

Since he already thinks that I am an insane person, this statement made total sense to him – but all I really wanted to ask was, “Hey, haunted hayride?”

Halloween is not my favorite holiday – just one more reason that I am a complete failure to my generation. If I go out next Wednesday; I am going to miss the new episodes of Duck Dynasty

I do like the Halloween season for various spook-tacular activities that take place. This year I am over excited to attend the Field of Terror which is supposed to be a delightful (and not for children) time! Among the various night time activities are a haunted hayride and a haunted cornfield led by an ominous Korn creature. Needless to say, I am excited like a kid on Christmas…or Halloween.

Another one of my all-time favorite activities around Halloween is Fright Fest at Great Adventure (or 6 Flags for those of you non-Jersians). Fright Fest promises a Thriller zombie dance and creepy dudes hanging out behind candy machines that chase you while dragging shovels; and the harder you laugh, the more they try to contain laughing themselves – it is absolutely amazing. Oh ya…and roller coasters, duh.

Since I live in the country, there are tons of haunted hayrides all over the area and I am determined to seek out the very best one (although this may time some time and a bit of money). But please stay tuned as I hope to get pictures posted soon!