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 Admit it; most – if not all – of you have seen at least one episode of Jersey Shore. The clubs, the fights, the boardwalk…all in it’s glory captured for the world to see. Do many of you wonder if that is really what Seaside, New Jersey is really like? I have to admit, that yes…it is. While the show focuses mainly on 20-somethings having a great summer down the shore; MTV does not show what else Seaside has to offer. The beach is always full of families having good wholesome fun. (I must admit, though…wholesome fun is not why we go!)

So now that the summer is over, what happens to the sea-side town?

In my opinion, the off-season of Seaside is the best time to visit. The boardwalk never sleeps. Arcades are still open and the bars are tending. Beachcomber may only have one bar open, but they are still serving food and you are never alone. The Beach Bar is open for business with the best calzone on the boardwalk; although sitting outside might be cold – and the frozen pitcher you can possibly do without.

I love going down the shore in the fall and winter. I love rolling down the windows to get hit with the smell of the sea breeze when coming over the bridge. Parking is easy as pie and the ocean is warm enough to put your feet in. The quiet atomsphere is comforting and real, it is almost like you can feel the presense of hundreds of people swarming around you while you stand at the edge of the boardwalk and take in it all in.

Seaside in the off-season is one of my places to go when I feel lost. Nothing changes too quickly there, and you know the old steadies will remain there for you to visit. It is always good for spending the day with someone with serious one on one time, playing arcade games and sipping a beer.

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