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Being in my mid-twenties, and previously having dipped my toe in working in the wedding industry, I have learned that I have given very little thought to wedding planning. I would love to have a Vegas wedding or a huge back-yard kegger. Barefoot and in a sundress with my hair down. That is just me.

I have recently talked to an adorable 12 year-old girl who has her entire special day planned to a T.

She wants her bridesmaids to wear matching dresses, but nothing stuffy or too fancy. She wants to keep her southern roots in tact and have a barn party with a tent and some really good catering. She wants to dance to country music all night long.

Her flowers will all be pink. Maybe roses, but really anything pink will do. She wants to have her hair pulled back, but down and curly at the same time. She wants a long dress with sparkles and a veil.

She wants to be beautiful.

Do we, as women, need to agonize over every little detail to have the perfect day? What if taking a step back and realizing that your dreams of a perfect wedding when you were 12 might just be the best day to plan?

And what is “the perfect day”? Many times I have been looked at with crossed eyes and cocked to the side heads when I proclaim I want simplicity. But is this really a bad thing?

While many girls, it seems, have every detail planned out before they ever get engaged, one thing will forever remain a constant with each bride – she wants to be beautiful.

She will be beautiful.