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While I am not a vegetarian myself, I do enjoy eating different foods. I also have an unhealthy attraction to tailgating. This past weekend (I am a bit behind on this post!) was a Rutgers home game. Boyfriend has season tickets and also loves to tailgate. Rutgers played UConn and I have a friend who is a dietician and UConn alumni, and also a vegetarian. So we made a feast.

First up was a roasted veggie and quinoa salad. We ate it cold, but I have been eating the leftovers heated up with dinner all week – both ways are very good. One cup cooked quinoa…which is really very simple even though the bag at the grocery store doesn’t give directions. Two cups water, one cup quinoa. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 15 mins until all the water is absorbed. Roasted veggies of one big sweet onion, two yellow peppers and an eggplant with garlic and just a little bit of olive oil. Mix it all together and eat like a king!

Next was the bean burgers. I found a recipe online just to see what it suggested to do with the beans. Two cans drained and rinsed. One in good processor and one of whole beans. So dump it all in a mixing bowl with one egg and whatever seasoning you like. I chose smoked paprika and some hot pepper for a little kick. Add in some finely chopped onion and garlic. It gets kind of soupy so bread crumbs are necessary to get it to a good consistency to form the patties. Too much bread crumbs make them dry though. I suggest baking them for about a half hour at 325 so they hold together. Especially since we were planning to grill them. Melted cheese on top and it was a great burger!

Finally was homemade guacamole, which I didn’t make. But it wasn’t quite guacamole but more of a fresh salad dip. Cucumbers, avocado and fresh dill. We ate them with tortilla chips and it was heaven!

All in all we really did have a healthy tailgate, vegetarian and fulfilling and autumn themed. Lifestyle choices do not need to hinder fun, it is just a great opportunity to get creative!

Happy tailgating!