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Once the void of back to school fills your life, there is something that needs to fill this hole. For me, and I will be very honest, is TV. I am gearing up tonight (which you will not read until about 11 a.m. tomorrow) for Jersey Shore. Make fun all you want, but I am overly excited for the last call for Jerzday.

But, as always, there is a overwhelming amount of TV shows to prepare for. Will we finally meet Ted’s wife? Will Robin and Barney finally get together? Will Amy and Sheldon participate in coitus? Are we going to see the faceless camera crew in the final season of the office?

One of the many problems I face during this fall TV season is how to manage my DVR. Only able to record two items at a time, juggling between OnDemand (CBS shows are excluded), recorded options and what is on my HBO to watch list makes for an exuberant amount of television and catch up. A list maker at heart, I keep a handy diary hidden in the notes section of my phone and check frequently the cable app that is so delicately tucked into my entertainment folder. Oh ya, there’s an app for that.

There are many questions to be answered this season, and to be honest I have one very full schedule to keep on top of. Books be set aside to collect dust while I lose my mind with glazed over eyes and a make a little dent in the couch.