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This week I went on my first business trip – to Overland Park, Kansas. A suburb of Kansas City (Kansas, that is), I learned a few things while I was out there – namely, it is not too different from Jersey.

Now, while I did not see any fields of poppies (although encountered an entirely new crop of allergies…pun, intended), I did learn that the Yellow Brick Road will exist in all of its glory in every Technicolor dream you wish to have.

So what did I really learn? Let’s break it down…

  1. The TV world exists on Eastern time, which all of us on this coast take completely for granted. Friends comes on Nick at Nite at 11 p.m. New York time, but it comes on 10 p.m. Central time – good thing I confirmed…and got an extra hour of sleep!
  2. Bar. Be. Cue. Barbecue. BBQ. You have not tasted real BBQ until you have lived through the smokey layers of tangy BBQ sauce over thinly cut perfectly cooked brisket. I went with an appetite, and literally ate my way through Middle America.
  3. We, as East Coaster, take the beach for granted. Also that as Jersey people, referring to it as “the shore” is not widely known (maybe now a bit more, thank you MTV).
  4. We also take “the city” for granted. New York, that is.
  5. We curse like sailors. Now, I already knew this; and was on high alert for my speech pattern – but the point was driven home by some of the slang terms used in reference to certain things.
  6. I truly have a serious accent.
  7. Cabrewing. Brewing and canoeing. Cabrewing.
  8. The Sprint worldwide headquarters are in Overland Park, Kansas. The campus was truly that; it looked like a college. I did however, have zero problems with AT&T.
  9. The driver from the airport left his car parked and running outside. No one stole it. And he was not worried. Amazing.

I am pleased to be back in my native territory, gearing up for the Rutgers vs. UConn game this Saturday (boyfriend – Rutgers season ticket holder & one of my closest friends being a UConn alumn…follow-up post on our tailgate feast will come soon!), but I can’t help wondering what the BBQ festival in KC will be like. Oh, and I did wear red shoes for good luck. There truly is no place like home.