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So even though today is only October 1st; I wanted to share my online obsessions with the online world.

  1. Dog Shaming – this site is hilarious! I am not a pet person, but you almost feel bad for these dogs (some various other pets) for their wrong-doings. Almost.
  2. Klout – find out your social media influence rating. This is actually really interesting to me right now, you can hook up almost all of your social sharing sites to see what influences you too!
  3. Etsy – hello iPhone 5 covers already!! Etsy is a great resource for gift ideas, crafting and online perusing…legit one stop shopping.
  4. Richard Branson’s Blog – he just has a lot to say and all of it is kind of fantastic. Now if only he would invite me to his private island…
  5. Flo Ride – Whistle. This song is too catchy and I can’t stop smiling every time I hear it! (I am also a FANATIC about my ‘favorites’ list on YouTube)

 While this is only a little taste of what I get myself in to during the evening hours (this is code for don’t abuse your internet priviledges at work; I really do type these up the night before and set them to post during the day…), I do find ENDLESS amounts of entertainment online – I mean come on, YouTube is like a drug once you get sucked in. And meme’s!? I could go on for days…