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The East Coast has been dreary for a few days now – not complaining as we desperately need the rain – but I really do think weather screws with the way people react to situations. Not only are moods unpleasantly and unexplainably sour, drivers seem to forget everything they have ever learned from driver’s ed and go wild.

For instance:

Following Distance. Two car lengths, correct? Maybe three when the roads are slick, just to be safe. For some reason, rush hour in the rain brings out the worst in people (and their horns), and living out in the country makes rush hour difficult. We don’t have the luxury of multiple lane roads, so if there is a car in front of you, you just have to accept their speed. Now, many SUV, iPhone talking, children in the back seat screaming mothers throw all safety out of the window and drive ON TOP of you – screaming through their windshield – all the while the car in front of you (and the 30 in front of that one) are slowly and safely moving forward. She is different though, and in a rush; and she needs you peasant to get out of the way.

Coffee Shops. During the rush hour rain, coffee shops become a death trap. On a normal sunny afternoon, customers pull calmly out into the road. But on a wet commute – forget it. Peeling out of the parking lot and cutting off someone driving the 45 mph speed limit is quite normal. Also, obviously, you need to inch your way into the middle of the road to make a ridiculous left; stopping an entire lane of traffic because you don’t think you need to wait. You are busy!

Non-advanced Green Lights. Do I even need to explain this one? Let’s face it, in the morning, most drivers are not paying 100% attention to the road. When the light turns green, you start going. But wait! Didn’t you forget you need to keep watch on the person entitled to illegally turn left! They deserve that illegal left and flipping you off for causing the close encounter; you awful person going straight when it is your right of way!

While this much needed rain will probably cause a bit of flooding, I will admit I get a kick out of watching the local weather people get completely overcome with excitement while they explain how to properly bunker down for the impending weather. I think a grilled cheese sandwich and a hot bowl of tomato soup will do just the trick for us all.