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I have always heard of people “fearing the unknown” – something I used to believe as well. Now I look forward to it. Breaking out and trying new things is exciting and thrilling…sort of like when you feel your stomach is going to fall out on rollercoaster drops.

This leads into my topic today – what do I want to do with my life. At 25, I really just don’t know. Would it be awesome to get paid to blog? Yes! Realistic, I am not sure. I have always thought about what it may be like to be a writer…like would anyone care? Would I be able to get published? Do I have a book inside of me?

I never wanted to be a firefighter or police officer – but I did go through a phase of wanting to be a ticket-taker at the movies (big dreams, huh?)

College was great; but I don’t feel like is completely prepared me for my entire future life. I mean, I can’t really balance my checkbook or program the VCR (yes, I am a child of the 90s…), but what I can do is think. I learned how to think in college. Problem solve. Figure out what the lowest possible score I could get on my final to pass whatever class I was taking. But really though, this is not so helpful.

Maybe I should work with computers? Except I can’t figure out how to change my Apple ID. Maybe I should be one of those people that creates new flavors? But I don’t have a huge appetite. Lawyer? Doctor? But I just really do not want to go back to school. Movie reviewer? Attention span of a gnat.

Sometimes I think about how maybe I should know by now, but at 25; I kind of think I don’t need to. It’s unknown where I will be in five years, but today – that is okay.