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i made a pact to myself when i was in college; and that was to read one non-school book a week (taking queues from Cher in Clueless). i really do try to do this the best that i can; but sometimes things just happen. my favorite places to read are at the gym (head down, no eye contact with creepers) and on a lazy sunday.

when i was in college i got really into chick lit books; you know the ones where girls make silly inane choices and then have their whole plan blow up in their faces. at 25, i am still reading these books, an endless supply of them makes for tons of choices and many topics.

most of the time i find myself laughing outloud at the beach, on public transportation or while sweating uncontrollably on the elliptical (i will never wrap my head around the girls who dont sweat when they workout – but that is a topic for a different day.)

these books are easy reads, dont require too much thinking and are fun and light. getting through one a week is not a hard task, as its enjoyable. reading in the sun, while drinking a cup of coffee or when you are working your hardest to ignore someone.

with all of this being said, i am constantly on the hunt for good books. the library is a great source for books, especially if you cant remember if you have read the books or not. i more often then i would like to admit, end of leaving the library with 5 or more books, only to come home and realize after 50 pages i read this book, or i already have another one of the books in my pile.

swap meets are a great source for books. usually able to get them at a dollar or so per paperback. the library usually has a good selection as well, and that money goes right back into their system, especially when fines are only 30 cents for a few days of an overdue book.

so how do you keep track of what you have and havent read? i have a system. for many authors of these types of books there is a series written. but i tend to tear through one author at a time, ticking off the list; waiting for another enstallment. lately i have gotten back on the sophie kinsella band wagon (writer of the ever fabulous shopaholic series), just finishing remember me and on to can you keep a secret? right now. these make me laugh out loud to the point when i am in public, people stare.

i recommend the one book a week to anyone and everyone will listen. so read on bloggers! time away from the computer will do every reader good.