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There are many things that remind me of the song that I am posting today. Mainly, my sister. She is older than me and we generally have greatly different views on the world…and basically everything we do. I did, however, turn her recently on to a fantastic Coach satchel – big enough for toddler snacks, a wallet, giant sunglasses, bottled beverages and any other random form of junk a mom (and also now with a dog, I can’t even imagine…) would need to carry around on a daily basis.

One thing we can always agree on though is a movie to watch. One of our all-time favorites is Wayne’s World – cha, right. Not only are there mesmerizing one-liners artfully placed throughout the entire film (what am I going to do with a gun rack?? – anyone?)

My sister did turn me on to this flick very early on in life, and it was an instant favorite. I now bid you a Friday farewell, and wish you all a well deserved weekend.

Ah…the Mirth Mobile.

And the real thing for all of the purists.