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one of my all time favorite parts of autumn (aside from my new wardrobe!) are the tastes of the seasons. as i sit and sip on my pumpkin coffee, dunkin donuts k-cup delight, i am in a slight state of amazement. how can this one pumpkin-y spicey wonder be mass produced and still be such a pleasure? the answer is that i dont really care, because it is filling me with joy.

today is september 18, 2012 and i have already treated my taste buds to many flavorful delights:

  1. pumpkin spice latte – starbucks or dunkin; honestly both are very good, although differ slightly in taste
  2. pumpkin beer – weyerbacher is the top choice right now!
  3. salted caramel mocha latte – starbucks
  4. seasonal veggies (parsnips, brussel sprouts, eggplant)

not my photo, unfortunately.

some things i look forward to:

  1. apple pie
  2. pumpkin ravioli
  3. beef stew
  4. burberry brit (does not taste good, but smells good!)
  5. cranberries

autumnal flavors make for robust delicacies and really do help warm the soul.