Let’s face it, we get a lot of shit. We are constantly told that we are lazy, entitled, spoiled…the criticism never stops. But we get it, need to get a job, need to (eventually) move out of mom and dad’s, secure health insurance, get married, have kids…screw them up. Is this not how it goes?

I hope we can some day set the record straight. We grew up being told, “do what makes you happy. Try new things. It’s okay to fail.” So are we not just victims of our upbringing?

I’m not blaming the baby boomers for this epidemic. I’m not really blaming anyone, actually. It is a combination of teachers, coaches, TV – our general influences. And really, what is wrong with failing at something and trying again?

We have all been there. We are in our twenties and probably do feel a bit entitled. I want the perfect job and I want to get married and live in a nice place. It’s what we are used to. Is it reality? Maybe. Is it going to happen? Hopefully. Can we dream? Absolutely.

We promise to our parents and teachers and coaches that we are trying. We aim to be as good, if not better then you. We went to college and we work the best jobs we can right now. We think of our jobs as just that, jobs. It’s not realistic to work at the same place for your life, as has been the norm for so long. Life is expensive and the more we are pressured to succeed the bigger our chances become.

We grew up being coddled. You can’t play outside without supervision because you will be kidnapped. Riding your bike to your neighborhood school when you are ten is only okay if someone follows you in the minivan. You have a peanut allergy so you can’t eat any of the snacks. Holiday parties at school? Forget it, someone’s feelings will get hurt. Now we are being told we choose to be lazy and feel entitled…but I see a pattern.

I will fight to achieve happiness through my life’s work. We all will. We are going to be okay. Getting married at 30 is normal now. Having kids at 35 is fine. Securing a career at 40 is not going to ruin our lives. Being content, even happy, will only keep you going stronger.