i think back to the middle school era where good charlotte and blink 182 owned the radio waves, a boy band was always #1 on TRL and britney was doing it again…

what a simple way of life when the worst part of your day was being nagged about doing your homework.

school started at 9:30 in the morning, we were reading “where the red fern grows” and grammar was not at the top of the grading scale (even though mine was immaculate). all you needed for a good night out was $20 and a ride home. no one had cell phones in 2000…at least not 13 year olds. there were no after school jobs. gym class was a joke. you got to set things on fire during science class; well, that may have been an accident…

as one of the lucky girls that never had an awkward stage, dancing in public was never an issue. my hair and teeth are fantastically straight and i had contacts after about a month of not wearing glasses (which now i dont know how to live without). maybe this makes my new found aspiration different for me than some other people, but i just want my life to go back to the basics.

with summer coming to an end and two items crossed off my bucket list, i just want to stand out in the rain and sing at the top of my lungs. i want to be back in that life with my biggest worry being if i have clean gym clothes or not.

so lets do it.

whats holding me back.


solids are okay. home pedicures are not evil. brushing your hair is overrated. makeup is for the weak. running is not going to lead to the end of your life. and work is there to help you, not hinder you.

i encourage this wednesday morning, that you put in your headphones or force the entire office around you to listen to my inner psychosis and just please strip away the unnecessary and get back to the damn basics.

enjoy, wordpressers.