1. you are actually cold, in a setting where you are always hot
  2. coffee is starting to taste terrible for the day
  3. pepsi max is just not cutting it
  4. listening skills have diminished to almost nothing; keeping in mind that you already have the attention span of a gnat
  5. don’t want to tan
  6.  don’t want to play iphone games
  7. don’t want to take out your contacts…or put them in
  8. or change your clothes
  9. you are legitimately too lazy to get ready to go to bed
  10. you dropped the remote, and almost want to fall asleep with the TV on
  11. can’t make it through a half hour show
  12. cranky
  13. annoyed
  14. when someone says to you, “are you feeling okay?” – THANKS
  15. 3 p.m. coffee has done nothing; and 4 p.m. coffee probably will not either
  16. whatever you said, its not funny
  17. open your eyes in the morning and immediately cannot wait to close them that night
  18. something you usually care about, you just dont

happy friday!