so i really dislike the winter; but as i was putting on my body spray (bath&body works sweet pea layered under bath&body works coconut lime verbena) and my perfume (dkny be delicious, the green one) i thought to myself:

“jack, why cant you just layer bath&body works paris amour with burberry brit?”

thats right, you fashion/seasonal forward folks – winter scents are not appropriate for the summer months. as someone who wears tank tops and flip flops year round you may think i am not so picky about how i smell, but it is serious shit.

now i really hate the winter, but there are very few things that i get excited about come the cold weather:

  1. winter scents: perfumes, candles
  2. baking fall & winter desserts: apple pie, pumpkin mousse
  3. outdoor events: tailgating, apple picking
  4. northface jackets
  5. uggs (yes i actually do extremely enjoy uggs, all three pairs of them) WITH SOCKS
  6. a proper excuse to lay in bed all day on sunday
  7. football!
  8. winter beers (sam adams winter lager is one of my all time favorites)
  9. trips to florida (exciting all year round, but a little extra special when its freezing outsie)
  10. the 13 nights of halloween
  11. the 25 nights of christmas (if you need to ask about either of these, you just dont deserve to know)
  12. bad made for tv christmas movies in general
  13. the christmas music radio take overs…only for about two weeks, then im over it.
  14. sounds of the season – again, two week max
  15. layering – bra, tank top, long sleeves & 3/4 sleeves, zippy, northface
  16. mom-made scarves – newest obsession is baby alpaca wool (the baby alpacas were not harmed in the making of these materials)

for now though, the 15th of august, i will stay tan and live on.