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i never wanted this to become a chore; and believe me – it has not. blogging is a great outlet for semi-annonymous writings and complaints; and recently i have been so blissfully happy, it just hasn’t occurred to me to ink my thoughts.

busy and happy sort of go hand in hand.  the boyfriend layer trying to creep back on to my body, making me hyper aware of gym sessions. i have also been out having fun in the sun (SPF 15 included).

while i have been extra busy, the extra happiness is definitely stemming from a new outlook to life and refusing negative energy around me. good people, good food, good drinks. that’s what it should all be about anyway.

now, another topic that has been brought to the top this summer is a fantastic quote caite discovered; and i have been living it as my mantra. “it’s all about the story”. don’t say no; make wise decisions and just have reckless fun…i am only 25 once.

smile. be kind. be accepting. be rewarding.

make yourself happy. do things that will bring joy to YOU. think about others around you, but ultimately think about yourself.

everyone deserves to be happy, and it resides inside of all of us. you are the only one who can control your feelings.