i’m not even going to say “call me crazy; because i know i am…


for real: the end of the box of cereal; dregs of the bag of chips…i take a spoon to those mashed up little pieces and have a field day.

why, may you ask?

the end of a box of cereal is a cemetery for sugar. all of the frosting and chocolate pieces fall to the bottom of the box just to be discarded into the trash. WELL I SAY NO MORE! who needs an extra cup of coffee when you can get twice the sugar in one helping of cereal!?! and i love me some cereal.

i will also never say no to another cup of coffee…

cheddar and sour cream chips may be one of the greatest inventions in the world; and the bottom of that bag may as well be dip mix. would you not want ten times the chip flavor dust that fantastically settles and mixes with all the broken little pieces?

this also goes along with peanut butter chocolate ice cream – there is always the huge chunk of peanut butter nestled in the center of the half-gallon just waiting to be scooped into one delicious bowl. and in my world, extra peanut butter is added.

extras provide joy in a world of turmoil (or maybe just hunger since i haven’t eaten lunch yet), but i know every person reading this post has at some point in their lives tipped the end of the bag of chips into their mouths as not to waste any of that fantastic snack.