9 am conference calls chap my ass a little bit as it is – but on friday!

i get anxiety about the time i need to get to work in the morning when i have a conference call at 9 am. should i get there at 830 to get through my e-mails and go to the bathroom??

if i print out my daily schedule the day before and have all the call in info and the report we will be reviewing printed out is it going to be okay to skate in at the last minute.

this is all a lot to think about as i put my eyeliner on in the morning while i am dancing around the bathroom in my underwear to whatever is blaring over my iHome through my pandora bad 80s hair band playlist. (thank YOU technology!)

upon running (literally) into my cube on my heels (super cute new wedges!) i can sit and enjoy a fantastic conversation on blogging, facebook analytics and the opportunity to learn about event planning / social media integration like i could never imagine.

and now – it is time for more coffee.