1. small world coffee…especially if you havent eaten for the day – greatest caffeine rush ever
  2. my eye sight as a kid – should have listened and eaten more carrots!
  3. pink lemonade – and maybe this is considered more of an underappreciated asset in my life
  4. my credit card – no explanation necessary
  5. a new book – no broken spine or falling out pages!
  6. nokia cell phones (even the infamous lg shine) – always worked, never lost service…t9 texting. high school was simpler at the start of the millennium
  7. calendar and reminder features in iphone (contradictory, i know) – but i literally have a hand held personal assistant and never have to remember things for myself. still use a day planner though
  8. old school myspace (does it even exist anymore??) – WE CAN POST UP TO TEN PICTURES NOW?! what a decision to marinate over…
  9. mac eyeliner – that poor little stick gets used too quickly
  10. the frat house – sticky floors and full kegs
  11. my vocabulary – those little orange vocab books had nothing on me
  12. straight hair – maybe i am just really lazy, but i give so much credit to girls with curly hair…i wouldnt even know where to begin
  13. also, how fast my hair grows – but im still never cutting it again
  14. my good skin – whining over a once a year blemish; ill suck it up.
  15. the fantastic hugs i used to get – hate being touched, but sometimes i could just use one of those again
  16. mac lipglass and lancome juicy tubes
  17. mom & dad – sorry guys…but i still really really want to go to universal next month!
  18. college – those four years went quick
  19. disposable cameras – especially finding random ones and developing them…creeper status
  20. unlabeled cds – this is an on going problem in my car; always a mystery