i have just realized ive been so busy i havent blogged in two weeks!


in an effort to be short and sweet; lets keep this executive summary style:

whats happened?

  1. i have learned how to properly put up insulation in an unfinished room
  2. i have learned how NOT to put up insulation in an unfinished room
  3. i have gone to beerfest in AC!
  4. i have curbed my shopping addiction
  5. i actually went to a movie – and saw american wedding…and got carded (P.S. you have to be 17 to get into an R rated movie; epic)
  6. if this is at all possible; i think i have become MORE addicted to coffee
  7. i do believe i officially have long hair again (this has been forthcoming, but not official)
  8. i cleaned out my closet – which an entirely separate blog post of its own, and it is hurting my soul to think about right now because i still dont have enough room for everything
  9. history will not be repeated.

on the horizon:

  1. first softball game of the season! its been 7 years, should be interesting…
  2. trip to the beach this weekend…most likely nice enough to actually sit on the beach and not just sit in a bar

(this is slightly pathetic since my brain is not thinking more than a week in advance right now)

what i am thinking about right now: