ever heard of that book “if you give a mouse a cookie“? its about this little hungry mouse that wants a cookie and ends up getting super distracted leaving a trail of unfinished projects behind him while he goes on tangent after tangent.

this is the story of my past few days.

it all started with putting away some clothes and a garment rack going awry. it essentially exploded (much like a closet of mine did last year – it is a phenomenon that actually happens!) and i was like with a pile of metal poles and an even bigger pile of clothes. think movie moment here; after the dust settled i was still standing there holding a shirt on a hanger at the level of the rack.

solution? PUT CLOTHES AWAY!!!

step 1. dad needs to finish setting up my tv by hooking up my dvd player and wii and drilling a hole in the wall as of this moment in time the power cord and cable wire are currently running diagonally in front of the sliding closet doors making is nearly impossible and extremely unsafe to get to anything that is in the closet.

step 2. empty out closet completely since dad not only has to drill a hole where the wires are going; but also needs to drill a hole in the other side of the closet near the electrical outlet. then he needs to run the speaker wires (surround sound!) and electrical cord up above the closet door (on the inside) and over to the big hole drilled by the tv.

step 3. trip to lowes to buy supplies.

step 4. lunch

step 5. cursing at the drill.

step 6. plug, unplug, plug, unplug, swear at drywall, kick the door, need an iced tea, packing tape, packing tape, hammer, nails, power drill, trip and almost fall…

step 7. hook up tv

step 8. trip to radio shack because the tv is newer than the DVD player (which was really expensive and not worth getting a new one) and nintendo doesn’t make anything compatible with HDMI. make a few phone calls to people with visio TVs and conclude that not only do i need an HDMI cable, but also a converter that goes back to component. obviously i learned a ton about tv hook ups this weekend – holla at ya girl if you need help.

step 9. radio shack is over priced, lets go to costco – i saw the HDMI wires there. oh! a pack for 5 HDMI wires is unnecessary. we do, however, need milk, half & half, snacks, pistachios and fish.

step 10. walmart.

step 11: actually hook up tv – dont let this little step fool you because it took almost an hour.

step 12. dinner (finally).

step 13. completely gut out closet since it is almost all the way cleaned out. again, this took over an hour and i found some really funny things. scrub the shelves (they havent been touched in 10 years!) on the side of closet as well as the top shelf. vacuum.

step 14. put clothes and shoes back in closet (mind you, this is one of 2 1/2 closets…fml) – in the meantime finally get rid of things i havent touched in over a year.

step 15. clean out other closet (the 1/2 closet) because i am now in the mode of getting rid of things.

step 16. come to the realization that the garment rack clothes that are still all over the floor have no where to go…

step 17. find out that the HDMI cable doesnt work.

step 18. cry.

now if only the problem that i set out to alleviate had been resolved, the non working TV would not have seemed so bad. it doesnt, and problem numero uno still exists…