i do love using other peoples computers to do things…search the internet, creep on favorites lists and even check my e-mail. perhaps it is the keyboard feeling different that makes me want to type…or the ability to abuse someone else’s internet (like now!) – but i really do enjoy someone else’s computer.

its like in the golden days when finding a disposable camera meant taking pictures of yourself so a random person had to try to figure out who you were.

or taking your friends phone after camera’s were incorporated and setting their background to something horrible and ridiculous (let me ne honest; i still like doing this!).

but playing someone else’s video games seem more exciting (mario kart…anyone!?!?!?) all the way to playing angry birds on a level below yours to make you seem really awesome at the game…all of these things just make me feel on top of the world.

maybe it is just because i am a 25 year old girl with the maturity level of a 15 year old boy; but other’s peoples shit is just way more exciting than my own.