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i am a self-proclaimed crazy list maker.

i make lists for everything. this is a trait that comes directly from my mom; who will proudly announce to anyone listening that she has accomplished a task – and it crossing it off her list.

i too, like to cross things off lists.

now, while i have an iphone and i keep lists and other top-of-mind issues stored in there; i still like a good, comprehensive, well planned out list. i keep post-its everywhere – in my purse, pushpinned to my cube, on my steering wheel, on the back of my phone (yes, crazy i know – sometimes inside the cover too!), inside of manila folders…seriously: Everywhere.

i keep lists of things i need to do (a To Do list, if you will), things i need to purchase – broken down my place of business usually, i keep lists in my day planner, things people have said, song names i dont want to forget to buy and most importantly — the 10,000 things i think about each day.

i have ideas, too many probably, and if i dont jot them down i WILL forget. this habit leads to tiny (or large in some cases) pieces of paper thrown in my bag, folded into a pocket, in the notes in my phone…so i came up with a solution many years ago: i call it ‘the list’.

the list is an on-going, continuously updated, revised and thrown around steady in my life — keeping my sanity all the while. every few days i will gather all my scraps of notes and update the list. as i am also an organizational freak, the list tends to be categorized and color-coded.

as i have just typed out and deleted the current list as it stands – i made the executive decision to not share, i believe my craziness will stay inside for at least another day.

happy listing!