everytime i get sick, without a doubt – i get a sinus infection. i lose my voice (gremlin voice), i get horrible headaches and i end up with 10 days of amoxicillin. i have had people tell me that they are jealous of the voice losing, drippy mess that i become. PLEASE TAKE MY SICKNESS AWAY!!! i would be glad to trade any healthy person for these awful sinus infections anyday!

i will admit; that since i got my tonsils taken out (and age 19, not 5) they have gotten better, two a year now instead of 9 a year that i used to average. while this is a huge, major surgery i was excited amongst the children that were hysterical hooked up to IVs. it was kind of fun.

the real kick in the balls is that i got mono at 20, and my tonsils grew back. so i have had to suffer through about 10 sinus infections since then. this to me, is not normal.

please dont take breathing for granted (and also please ignore the complete mess that this post is since i cant quite see straight today).